Pediatric Dentistry Deerfield, NH

Pediatric Dentistry

At Deerfield Family Dentistry we care about the dental health of your entire family–that includes its tiniest members! Children can begin visiting out office as soon as their baby teeth erupt! Dr. Pike has 4 little ones of her own and knows how to handle all those tiny teeth! When good dental habits are formed early on they are more likely to last for a lifetime. A regular pediatric dental check-up is similar to a grown-up check up, but more fun (sorry grown-ups)! Dr. Pike will check the general oral health of her tiny patient, looking inside the mouth at the tongue, gums, cheeks and teeth. Then the teeth will be cleaned. Visiting the dentist is an easy and fun way for kids to learn about taking care of their teeth and it’s important to us at Deerfield Family Dentistry that kids have a positive experience with their dentist.

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